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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ducks and Sheep, Oh, My! a/k/a Herding

 Susan had to work with a WILD and WOOLY puppy today!  I think she broke her little plastic rake thumping the ground, asking Dinah to STOP!  Ummm, eventually Dinah listened! 

Actually Dinah did some lovely work with the duckies--watching to make sure they all stayed together.

See, Dinah calmed down . . . eventually!

Oops!  And then Susan brought out the sheep!

Dinah really likes the FAAAST sheep!

But eventually, Dinah got them all together and moving out!

And then . . .

Dinah noticed the COW!  HOLY COW, Dinah exclaimed!

That's the BIGGEST Sheep I EVER saw!