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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dinah's Escape Hatch

So, as those who follow me on FB know, Dinah is my escape artiste' extraordinare!  To foil her, I have had to TRIPLE fence areas in the back yard to keep her from reaching the sheepies (to which she is addicted).  I haven't found her latest escape from the side yard (which I am not picturing here as yet), but last week bought another 6 x 10 x 10 foot chain link run to put around her favorite escape route under the back deck into the large dog/sheep pasture, which as it turns out, was a VERY GOOD idea!  I heard barking where it shouldn't be late yesterday and looked out the kitchen window to see what I THOUGHT was the dogs outside the deck and into the new last line of defence--NAW, couldn't be!  I went out and looked and couldn't see where they had penetrated so thought I was hallucinating.  This morning, however, I heard barking again where it shouldn't be--WHAT!  I'll be hornswaggled!  That wretched beast had herself a lovely escape hatch--you'll see what she's done in the photo evidence below!  Yes, it's only 9 a.m. and I have thrown on jeans over my PJs and gone out to repair fence yet again!

Look below and to right--yup, she's pulled away the cinder block, the decorative edging, busted through the wood on the other side to create a lovely little escape hatch.
This is the corner of the chainlink freestanding run she pulled away from the moorings to escape from months ago.

I just call this "evidence"!