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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Herding We Did Go!

It was a beautiful summer day (for a change).  Agility practice at 10:00 a.m. for Baby Dinah was AWESOME!  We learned a lowered A-frame, worked on channel weaves, directed jumping, table, tunnel and started learning the tire jump!  Dinah is FANTASTIC!  She's going to be faster than a speeding bullet!

After a couple hour nap, it was time to drive up to Ron and Susan's farm for herding practice!  Dinah needed some encouragement, but comported herself well again today.  Enjoy the photos!

Things were going well at this point!

Oops, this one is trying to get away!  Dinah is on top of it!

Holding everyone still--exhibiting fine control!

Then we're moving them around the field again.

Another escapee!  Dinah says, "Get back with the others you silly sheepie!"

Ooop, the grass was wet and the sheepie fell down.  Notice Dinah shut her eyes!  Evidently couldn't bear to look!

Whew, the ewe was back on her feet in a flash.  (Dinah still has her eyes shut!)

That'll do!  Good job, Dinah!