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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fancy Fable For Four

Baby Fable went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners on Saturday in Asheville, NC to pick up her second major (this time a 4 pointer!).  She also went Best Puppy and got to compete in the Puppy Herding Group where she took a Group 4 as well!  It was all about the 4s!

Here is Baby Fable looking a LOT like her famous mama, Lowri!

See how cute I am!  NOW FEED ME!

Fancy Fable Flying


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dinah (the Intrepid) f/k/a Baby Dinah

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  "Baby Dinah" is available to an approved performance home.  As those of you know who have followed Dinah's career to date, Dinah has her HT, PT and two legs of her HS on sheep.  At the recent National Specialty, Dinah failed to qualify on sheep (actually NO ONE qualified on these sheep on the second day and darned few on the first day), But Dinah came the closest of qualifying of anyone we watched.  She even got the sheep through the cross drive!  That was amazing!

In addition to herding, Dinah has attended two beginning agility classes and showed tremendous promise as an agility dog! 
Dinah also would LOVE to do Barn Hunts!  She has her official Barn Hunt number and just needs one or two more training sessions before trialing!  She loves to "get the RAT!"
Dinah is a lovely house dog with wonderful manners and a sweet disposition, but unfortunately we have decided that she would not move our breeding program forward so are looking for just the right home for our Dinah.  Dinah is a two-year old daughter of the incredible Chase (see  If you think you would like to have a willing companion who is up for whatever events you might like to explore, please contact me privately.  My e-mail is

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Bunnies

So East Tennessee received a big snowfall overnight.  I measured more than six inches on my deck this morning and it continued to snow for a couple hours to add at least another half inch.  In between trying to shovel my driveway (which is at least 150 feet with a couple hills and one sharp turn), I grabbed my camera and took video and some photos of the girls in the snow!

This is Dinah, with Fable in the background.

Baby Fable--do you love the muddy ruff?

Fable wondering where the trees came from!

My beautiful Storybook!

Fable enjoying the snow!

Can you eat it?

Ewww!  Dinah got snow down her ear!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ch. Bluefox's Heatwave, HT, NA, NAJ--At the Rainbow Bridge

I had to send Ms. Monroe to the Rainbow Bridge this week following a horrid weekend where she refused to eat more than a couple bites and refused to drink.  She was showing weakness in her rear for a few months which got very noticeable following surgery in October for some mammary masses and a broken molar.  I will be writing an article to be placed in the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club's Bulletin regarding my experience with Ms. Monroe's final act of contributing tissue and blood to the study on Degenerative Myelopathy, which I suspect she had.  It will be several weeks before the necropsy report will be final and I will report the findings when they are received.

Ms. Monroe was from my very first Cardigan litter born in 2002.  She was a beautiful red and white girl who won multiple Best in Puppy Sweepstakes when a youngster and went on to easily obtain her Championship.  She won an Award of Merit at one of the National Specialties she competed in as a Champion and also took a Runner-Up Red Bitch at the Megan as well as Best Red Bitch at another Nationals.  (These are wonderful honors awarded by breeder judges at our National Specialties.)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Puppies in the Snow

I came home early today because of the weather (good thing, too!) so I thought I would put on my winter gear and take the puppies out back to get some shots.  There was a lot of roll the baby Fable in the snow games by Storybook, but it won't be long before Fable plays that game with Story being "IT"!  Check out the little fang face!

Oh, yeah?  Well, take THIS!

I'm gonna rip your face OFF!

This is my FIERCE look!

Dang, Fable!  You're really TOUGH!

Yeah, and then I'll smack you with my right cross!

I've got you now, squirt!


Friends again!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dinah Does Duckies

Yes, it's been a while since Dinah got to go herding!

Here she goes!

Finally, some nice quiet work!

Fable's Got Some MOVES!

Worked Baby Fable on her gaiting a bit today while herding.  Here's what we saw: