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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ch. Bluefox's Heatwave, HT, NA, NAJ--At the Rainbow Bridge

I had to send Ms. Monroe to the Rainbow Bridge this week following a horrid weekend where she refused to eat more than a couple bites and refused to drink.  She was showing weakness in her rear for a few months which got very noticeable following surgery in October for some mammary masses and a broken molar.  I will be writing an article to be placed in the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club's Bulletin regarding my experience with Ms. Monroe's final act of contributing tissue and blood to the study on Degenerative Myelopathy, which I suspect she had.  It will be several weeks before the necropsy report will be final and I will report the findings when they are received.

Ms. Monroe was from my very first Cardigan litter born in 2002.  She was a beautiful red and white girl who won multiple Best in Puppy Sweepstakes when a youngster and went on to easily obtain her Championship.  She won an Award of Merit at one of the National Specialties she competed in as a Champion and also took a Runner-Up Red Bitch at the Megan as well as Best Red Bitch at another Nationals.  (These are wonderful honors awarded by breeder judges at our National Specialties.)


  1. Such a sad goodbye. Hugs, Cheryl. Monroe has just gone on ahead.

  2. You were a great steward to her as well as loving her with all your heart. I will miss her.