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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dinah (the Intrepid) f/k/a Baby Dinah

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  "Baby Dinah" is available to an approved performance home.  As those of you know who have followed Dinah's career to date, Dinah has her HT, PT and two legs of her HS on sheep.  At the recent National Specialty, Dinah failed to qualify on sheep (actually NO ONE qualified on these sheep on the second day and darned few on the first day), But Dinah came the closest of qualifying of anyone we watched.  She even got the sheep through the cross drive!  That was amazing!

In addition to herding, Dinah has attended two beginning agility classes and showed tremendous promise as an agility dog! 
Dinah also would LOVE to do Barn Hunts!  She has her official Barn Hunt number and just needs one or two more training sessions before trialing!  She loves to "get the RAT!"
Dinah is a lovely house dog with wonderful manners and a sweet disposition, but unfortunately we have decided that she would not move our breeding program forward so are looking for just the right home for our Dinah.  Dinah is a two-year old daughter of the incredible Chase (see  If you think you would like to have a willing companion who is up for whatever events you might like to explore, please contact me privately.  My e-mail is

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